Опис вакансії


Helping our clients with digital transformations. Our customer is one of the biggest American-based compliance companies that runs its services in more than 150 countries all over the globe in the fields of audit, taxes, financial advisory, and more. The client has gained a firm reputation by solving complex problems of numerous internationally known companies.

The heart of their services is its Financial Technology department. This dep has been developing a complex of super-powerful FinTech tools for solving advanced tasks in Accounting, Investments, Profitability Forecasting, etc.

Our client cherishes their reputation, and it chooses vendors very thoroughly. SoftServe has been working with other departments of the client for many years, but now we have been trusted to work with the most valuable assets of the client.

That’s why we are staffing a team of very strong experts who can handle this challenge and strengthen the client's trust in SoftServe.

We are looking for a Senior or Tech Lead who has experience in leading teams and wants to do it.


We expect a candidate to have the following personal and leadership skills as

  • Analytical, detail-oriented, and problem-solving mindset
  • Experience in managing a team or mentoring junior staff
  • Background of task estimating and work planning
  • Being accountable for fulfilling commitments
  • Fluent verbal and written communication skills, including communication with English-speaking clients
  • And such technical experience as

  • Strong hands-on skills developing software using OOP concepts, architecture, and design
  • Proficiency in developing applications in C#/.NET
  • Working with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Using GIT for source control
  • DevOps practices and tools (e.g. Azure DevOps)
  • This expertise will make you stand out

  • ASP.NET Web applications
  • Cloud solutions
  • Proficiency in MS SQL Server 2016/2017, database administration, and monitoring using Extended Events
  • Migration from .NET Framework 4.x to .NET 5
  • Performance profiling and optimization of .NET code, SQL queries, and Stored Procedures, knowledge of related practices and tools

  • Powerful and flexible software that provides a scalable and efficient solution for companies’ alternative investment infrastructure
  • Profiling the Codebase and DB of the application, finding performance bottlenecks, preparing our suggestions of enhancement, and implementing these enhancements
  • Application migration from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET 5
  • Preparing Cloud Migration Strategy and migration the application to a selected cloud
  • Stable business logic not expected to be re-written

  • Have close cooperation to make the enhancements smooth and fast
  • Increase the client’s and team’s satisfaction
  • Fulfill a variety of technologies and tasks
  • Work in a mature team of experts in a supportive environment
  • Get a friendly team and experience great team building
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule and working hours
  • Grow professionally